He has always been attracted to everything that has its own note, everything that is colorful, precise, aesthetic, artistic. From an early age, he likes to spend his time on paper, with a pencil and crayons. Later he got to know and still he is knowing about music, art, cultural world.

In growing up he began to tap into the meaning of existence.
Into human psychological and mystical existence.
The path led him through his own suffering, search, longing for various spiritual, esoteric directions, through his own transformations, his own experiences that contributed to his own development, further visions and different creativity.


He is still exploring and delving into the boundlessness of creation. With his imprint of art, he wants to add completely new views on art, he wants to shake, dramatize a different way of thinking and experiencing color, form, image, composition, message, energy experience and the experience of the painting itself or creation.
It also connects sound through image and represents the experience of a space, form through sound, as sound and image are intertwined. It combines several painting methods.


We can especially notice the modern style intertwined with a touch of mysticism, sacred geometry, as well as the influence of classicism and abstraction. In creating, he indulges in different impulses, depending on what is happening in him and in the environment itself, in the world. He is also inspired by various other artists of all kinds.


His works could be classified as an energy visionary art.
Free wind 
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