Under the name Universe art, there is a team consisting of various artists and painters. Everyone has their own style of creating and seeing, experiencing themselves and the world. They were united by the idea of ​​bringing color worlds, rainbows, visions into the existence of a man in the universe into the world, to add completely new dimensions to art itself. They bring energies into the space, various forms of natural proportions, symbols, opening to a wider perception. The space gets a sense of more dimensionality and can begin to communicate with us. It is also possible to combine the interior with the space.

They use some knowledge from ancient Vedic texts, knowledge of spatal planning, surroundings. They follow the principles of Feng Shui, to mix natural elements of creation and the coordination of coexistence with nature. Above all, they follow also the voice of intuition, desires, flow, current events and how it concerns the best outcomes for everyone.

The painting itself can be done according to the client’s wishes, or the team can prepare suitable paintings for the space.

It is desirable that the space is seen and then image visualizations or pre-paintings can be made on it. Several factors are taken into account here, from the shape of the space, the size of the space, the surface of the painting, other existing objects, the wishes of the client, the artists’ views on the suitability of the painting. Paintings are carried out on various surfaces where possible and of course desirable. These include wall paintings, frescoes, grafitti, paintings on ships, yachts, cars, motorcycles, various vessels, cabinets, tables, instruments, larger buildings (exterior), etc.

In paintings we can see extravagance, modernism, the intertwining of mysticism, we can also see the influence of classicism, abstraction. Paintings awaken our imagination, they trigger a different view in us. They open hidden corners within ourselves. The paintings enliven the space, make it special and blend in with surroundings.
They attract the special poetry of living in these spaces and the affinity for exploring beyond our imagination, sensory abilities.
But we can just relax and enjoy the views, energy and the space itself.
The paintings are unique.

Under the name of Universe art, there is a team
composed of various artists, painters.

Under the name Universe art, there is a team

consisting of various artists and painters.

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