new era aeroplanes

Since when we invented the means of transport from simple bike to planes, we’ve made a lot of things easier with them.

With some of them we also cause some damage (climate changes), so with them we influence the planet itself, our living here, the quality of human life and the existence of everything.

But we have also developed a good-based, economotic growth that affects survival.

Aircrafts are one of the safest means of transport, with few fatal accidents recorded in recent years in terms of regular daily use (including up to 2,5 – 3 billion flights per year).

The last such catastrophic accident was in Tenerife 44 years ago in a two-passenger collision (583 casualties).

There are many airlines around the world such as AIR FRANCE – KLM, BRITISH AIRWAYS, LUFTHANSA, RYANAIR, TURKISH AIRLINES which own a huge number of aircraft. (mostly passenger)

These planes, for the most part, don’t have some really special recognizable stuff, or that they would be know by their own uniqueness.

In our team we are committed to envitalising the premises, making the premises unique, energetic and harmonious.

That is why we want to present and offer airlines and owners of aircrafts, a fresh idea, a novelty about our paintings on aircraft.

That they can imagine or we come up together with an ideal idea, which will be their protective image next to the name of the company, thus enriching the plane with added value, artistic value with its external elaborate appearance.

They can trust us to partially or completely rebuild the external part of the aircraft. This is what we want to make sure that the aircraft has unique, specific visibility.

On the plane we can perform a complete coloring of this into selected shades, colors, we can make a specific inscription (name, messages), a certain mural (pictured), or we can also combine these things.

You also receive a pre-visualization where you see our suggestions most aligned with your ideas and the load-bearing of your company’s message. That way, you’ll have a sense of which way we’re going.

Our GUARANTEE is valid for up to 12 months.

Quite a few leaders (CEO) of individual companies have been working intensively on air travel for some time, a few years to perfect it.

In any case, the future will be in electric transport, so that all the means of transport will gradually go electric.

So we have companies like TESLA, EVIATION (ISRAEL), VOLTAERO (FRANCE), which already have test planes and they are being deliced. Some say they’ll be able to start next year, others say it’ll be optimal in two, three years.

Some companies have already chartered the first electric planes. We are inspired by the very action of TESLA, led by ELON MUSK, who would very much like to introduce that all means of transport are electric and of course, he would like to bring an active galactic journey between planets into space so that this is available to humans somewhere in the future.

Such air transport, planes have almost no noisy sound, are comfortable, have slightly larger windows, quite unique design, do not pollute the planet, some are currently slightly slower than the standard current (half slower) and smaller numbers of passengers can be transported at once (10 – 20,etc.)

As we know the type of CONCORDE aircraft that was considered the most prestigious, comfortable, Expensive and fastest (it reached speeds of up to 2,000km/h and flew up to a peak of 15-16,000m) some companies are keen to get a more powerful electric craft up to 3,500km/h (supersonic planeonic) and could fly at altitudes below space, including spacecraft (18000m)

Elon Musk is also interested in changing the nautical world to make ships and other vessels operate on electric-powered, solar-powered.

This is part of our future, our environment, our culture which is friendly for all of us,

We support this development in all global societies and strive to participate in it with ART.

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